A free, open source .net deobfuscator.

About de4dot

de4dot is an open source Microsoft .Net deobfuscator and unpacker written in C#. It will restore obfuscated assemblies to their original form, allowing you to use tools such as ILSpy or Reflector to view the original source code.


  • Inline methods.
  • Decrypt strings statically or dynamically.
  • Decrypt constants.
  • Decrypt methods statically or dynamically.
  • Remove proxy methods.
  • Rename symbols.
  • Devirtualize virtualized code.
  • Decrypt resources.
  • Decrypt embedded files.
  • Remove tamper detection code
  • Remove anti-debug code
  • Control flow deobfuscation.
  • Restore class fields.
  • Convert a PE exe to a .NET exe.
  • Removes most/all junk classes added by the obfuscator.
  • Fixes some peverify errors.
  • Restore the types of method parameters and fields.


  • Agile.NET (aka CliSecure)
  • Babel.NET
  • CodeFort
  • CodeVeil
  • CodeWall
  • CryptoObfuscator
  • DeepSea Obfuscator
  • Dotfuscator
  • .NET Reactor
  • Eazfuscator.NET
  • Goliath.NET
  • ILProtector
  • MaxtoCode
  • Rummage
  • Skater.NET
  • SmartAssembly
  • Spices.Net
  • Xenocode

Download Binaries

Click here to download a recent stable version of de4dot. Both x86 and 64-bit versions are included in the same zip file.

Download .ZIP Package

How To Use

Drag and drop the file(s) onto de4dot.exe and wait a few seconds.

Get The Code

The de4dot source code is written in C# and available on Github.

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